Using paint is a great way to add a pop of color to your home. There are literally thousands of paint colors out there to choose from, and each one can change the entire outlook of your home or room.

Do you feel that your current space is a little dreary and “blah”? It may be time to take charge and spruce up the room. Just by using paint, you can add a pop of color to each and every room in your house.

The good news? Adding a pop of color doesn’t mean that you have to paint your entire home. There are fun ways that you can incorporate color without taking on a huge project!

How to Use Paint to Add a Pop of Color To Your Home

How To Use Paint To Add A Pop of Color To Your Home

Find a way to create a focal point in your room

If your room or home has a fireplace or mantel, those are great areas to add in a pop of color. First, research and pick a fun color that you can paint the mantel. Next, watch as your eyes are drawn to that space every time that you enter the room. This simple project can be completed in mere hours, without having to worry about changing the color of the entire room.

Paint an accent wall on your biggest wall space

Do you have a giant wall that just seems to stare at you in the face? Take charge of that wall and give it a makeover! You’ll be amazed at how the room takes on a different feel when that blank space is covered in a fun color. Not only will it bring more light to the room, but it can also make the room feel more spacious.

Adding paint to a room to bring in a pop of color is simple! Choose a small area and fun paint color and then make it happen. Keep in mind that there are many paint professionals, like our team here at ProTek Painting Services, who can help you to create the perfect accent effect for your room.

A bright color in a room lacking color will add a much-needed edge of excitement with ease!

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