Sure everyone knows about the bright lights and the endless stream of talented musicians coming from Music City. But we believe that one of Nashville’s best-kept secrets has got to be Williamson County! From Brentwood to Franklin, Thompson Station, and everywhere in between, Williamson County continues to prove itself to be one of the best places to unwind, eat well, explore, and raise a family!

So today we’re sharing 5 great things that we love about our home county, and why we decided to base ProTek Painting Services here! 

5 Things We Love About Williamson County

1. Lots of great things to do in nature

No matter what your interests are and what time of year it is, you’re bound to find some great outdoor activities you’ll love here in Williamson County. Take a hike on the Franklin Greenway, or explore all the awesome activities and events that Crockett Park has to offer. Have little ones at home? They’ll love Pinkerton Park or Jim Warren Park. And of course, for a scenic drive and great photo opportunities, don’t skip the Natchez Trace Parkway. 

2. Local events that draw crowds

Not only is this a great place to call home, but it also boasts a ton of great events that draw people from all over the country. The annual Pilgrammage Fest features some of the world’s best musicians. Meanwhile, downtown Franklin hosts year-round Main Street Festivals with great food, music, art and more. For more old-time fun, head down to Leipers Fork to explore, shop for antiques, and even stop by a car show! There’s always something on the calendar for young and old to enjoy. 

3. Learning about Williamson County history

There’s no doubt about it. Williamson County holds a whole lot of history. The Williamson County Museum is open weekly, Monday-Friday, and showcases so much of the rich history of this town. Is a museum not quite your speed? Try a walking tour or ghost tour in downtown Franklin! 

4. Great schools with lots of opportunities

One of the reasons many families end up in Williamson County is because of the amazing school districts housed here. From Spring Hill to Brentwood, this area has some of the top-rated schools in the state of Tennessee and we’re proud of it! For those continuing their education, there are also some great college options like Columbia State.

5. An endless amount of great eats

If you’re a big-time foodie, then Williamson County is a great place to be! Sure we boast an endless amount of great chain restaurants, but there’s also a long list of local favorites that every food lover has got to try. Whether it’s the original Puckett’s location, Barbara’s Home Cookin’ or Gray’s on Main, you’re sure to have a happy stomach when you’re done at some of Williamson County’s top restaurants. 

Have you visited Williamson County before? Do you live in the area? What are some of your favorite things to do?

If you live in Williamson or the surrounding counties and are in search of professional painting services, look no further than our ProTek team! You can always reach out to us for a personalized quote right here.

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