Over the years, you’ve probably heard of various rules that should always be followed when it comes to home design. After working in the painting industry for more than two decades, we’ve certainly seen many paint jobs and home design decisions that weren’t necessarily smart! However, some rules were made to be broken. Today we’re breaking down 4 major home design myths that you don’t need to follow when decorating your space!

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4 Home Design Myths Debunked!

1. Hiring a professional painter is too expensive. I’m better off tackling my paint job on my own.

Many of our clients have found its actually less expensive to hire the experts on the front end! Working with experts helps you avoid costly mistakes like having to redo your work, not being able to find adequate help, or buying the wrong tools and materials on the front end. Never assume you can’t afford help when you need it!

2. Dark paint should always be avoided. 

We’ve addressed this in a few other blog posts here and here, but it’s worth repeating! In small doses and the right spaces, dark paint can add warmth and a unique flair to your space! From navy to dark red, and even a chalkboard wall or two, don’t be too quick to rule out darker colors on your next paint project. 

3. Hate your current wall color? Just paint over it!

While it can be tempting to jump in and just get your paint job over with, doing this without proper assessment and planning can do more harm than good. The quality of your paint job will depend on how well you prep the surface ahead of time, so don’t skip this step! You also may need to remove the previous paint or wallpaper, and you’ll most likely need to prime your surfaces before you begin. These extra steps will ensure that your new paint will look it’s best and go the distance long term.

4. White paint is always the best way to make your space look larger. 

The right white paint really can be magical because it’s versatile and looks great in a lot of spaces. But white is not always the answer! There are plenty of other shades of gray, light blue, and green that can also give your space an airy feel while adding interest, color, and much-needed dimension. Don’t rule out these other options when planning your space!

These are just of the most common 4 home design myths that we hear often and wanted to debunk. What are some other bad home design myths that you’ve heard? Don’t forget to follow and share them with us on our Protek Facebook and Instagram pages!

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