The real estate market this year is HOT. Whether you’re buying a home to fix up, doing a refinance on your current home or taking out a loan to fix yours up, this is the perfect time to finally tackle that renovation project.

While for heavy-duty renovation projects we always recommend reaching out to a team of experts for help, you can definitely start the work on your own with research online. The digital age has provided so many resources to help you decide on what you want to do, how to use color and design in your home without going over budget. Here are a few of our favorite websites and tools for gathering ideas and inspiration to get you started on your next home design project!

Get inspiration:

The first step of any home renovation project should always be gathering inspiration. This will help you to accurately shape your vision, and decide your budget and what type of help you’ll need. There is a whole slew of resources online for gathering inspiration on color, design, and more! A few of our favorites? Start with our ProTek blog right here for budget-friendly tips and painting and design tricks. Then be sure to check out other popular blogs and resources like Pinterest, Apartment Therapy, HGTV, and Houzz to round out your vision.

Start Planning:

After you’ve put together your design vision, it’s time to start planning how you’ll execute it and the exact tools you’ll need to get started! For more in-depth renovation projects, it’s always good to connect with a licensed and insured painter or contractor who can help execute the work. (You can request a consultation from our team right here.) For the rest of your planning needs, try Wayfair’s 3D Room Planner, the Pantone Studio App (for iOS only), and the Magicplan app for laying out your floorplan.

Tools for the process:

You’ve gathered your inspiration and you’ve done your planning. Now it’s time to execute your renovation! You can find a host of information on painting tools on our blog right here. We also love the Sherwin Williams website which has a ton of helpful videos from staining concrete to exterior painting tips. There are also plenty of helpful apps like the Photo Measures app that can be used as a reliable tool mid-project.

Want to get started with your home project but need a little help? Gather ideas and make your plan, then reach out to our ProTek Painting Services Team! We have decades of experience and are licensed and insured so you are covered for your next home renovation project. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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