Summer is in full swing and we’re loving the sunshine and longer days! that come with the season. (Anyone else?) We also love the vibrant color we’ve come to associate with summer—think citrus, popsicles, and fireworks!

Since the inspiration hit, we decided to round up our favorite colors of summer! So now when the inspiration hits to give your bathroom a refresh, you’ll be ready! Make the most of the warmth and daylight and paint away!

1. Lavender

This lush hue might not be as saturated as the rest of the colors on this list, but it’s still a great seasonal pick that you will enjoy year-round.

Our inspiration: A scoop of lavender ice cream on a warm summer night…yum!

Image: Real Homes

2. Mustard Yellow

Okay, okay. So, we’ve clearly got a thing for mustard—just about any time of year. But there’s something about this color that simply screams “summer” to us.

Our Inspiration: The neighborhood lemonade stand

Image: The Nordroom

3. Green

This blue-ish green is a winner in our book! We love it as an accent wall, but it would be a wonderfully bold color for your kitchen and living room. We could see it in just about any room!

Our Inspiration: Walking barefoot in the grass

Image: Old Brand New

4. Blue

This whimsical shade of blue is guaranteed to put you in a good mood. It’s perfect for a kitchen as pictured below or would also be great for a bathroom refresh.

Our inspiration: Blue summer skies

Image: The Janovic

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