In case you haven’t heard, wallpaper is back in a big way. And the best part? These days many wallpapers are peel-and-stick—no more messing with gloopy paste! Plus, when you’re tired of it you can just peel it off the wall. If you’ve ever tried to remove ‘regular’ wallpaper you know what a chore that can be. (That’s something we can do for you, by the way. Request a consultation and we’ll give you a clean slate for a new look in no time.)

If “wallpaper” makes you think of your granny’s 70’s plaid kitchen or those maroon and forest green swag borders that were all the rage in the 90’s, think again. Modern wallpapers are created for a modern aesthetic. Here are a few of the styles we’ve seen designers using this year that will help you to. . .



If you want to live in a jungle, outer space, on a private island—or just about anywhere else you can think of—you can! Through the magic of murals you can turn any wall into the view of your dreams.


Image:  Graham & Brown

Metallic wallpaper adds a touch of glamour to any room—and when that shimmer catches the light, it will reflect beautifully on you. There’s a pattern to suit every design style from the historic arts and crafts style pictured here to art deco and uber-modern. Silver, gold, bronze…which color will you choose?


Image:  Wowza Wallpaper

Bringing the outdoors in is a trend that never goes out of style, but how you do it reflects your own personal style. From big graphic prints to teeny-tiny florals, dramatic darks to palest pastels, there’s bound to be a botanic print out there with your name on it.


Image: Wayfair 

Maybe a strong statement is not for you. Something a little softer—but arguably just as interesting—is a textured wallpaper. Not only do you get the tactile pleasure of running your fingers along it, even a neutral color can be compelling when it’s not flat (or even satin or semi-gloss).


Image:  Burke Decor

Looking for something out of this world? It’s out there. Or maybe you just want something out of the ordinary, like Benjamin Franklin blowing chewing gum bubbles? (Friendly warning: once you see that image, it’s hard to get it out of your head.) The point is, whatever you’re into it’s almost a given that somebody somewhere has designed a wallpaper that pays homage to your thing. If not, it’s surprisingly easy to have custom wallpaper designed just for you.

There are so many more wallpaper options out there and we haven’t begun to talk about where you might apply it. (Hint:  just because it’s called wallpaper doesn’t mean it only goes on walls.) Maybe we’ll share that in a future post. Until then, have fun browsing the multitude of options and picturing them in your home.

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