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The holiday entertaining season is almost here. Before you fling open your front door to welcome your guests, take a look at that door. Does it say “you’re welcome here” or does it mutter “go away” or “nobody loves me”? If it’s either of those last two, it could be time for a front door refresh…maybe even a color change. Scroll down to see if any of these options tickle your fancy.


Image: Charles Parker on Pexels

Black is a perennial favorite and, according to a recent study by Zillow, could even increase the selling price of your home by more than $6,000. If a classic black door is your goal, opt for a high-gloss paint; it adds depth and dimension to help your door avoid looking dull and drab.


Image:  Dutch Boy

Blues and their moods range from light cheery aqua to traditional navy and everything in between. Lighter blues often give off a fresh, coastal vibe while darker blues can denote respectability and peace. Blue offers so many shades to choose from there’s bound to be a blue out there for you. 


Image:  Window World of Connecticut

The color of balance and renewal according to Feng Shui, green is a friendly nature-inspired color. It can be calm and relaxing (think soft sage), bold and bright (neon lime, anyone?) or welcoming but stately (like all those doors in Charleston, SC).


Image:  Benjamin Moore

It doesn’t get more cheerful than a sunny yellow, which is particularly appealing against a dark-colored home (like gray or blue). Bonus:  yellow plays well with homes of many styles, from farmhouse to mid-century modern.


Image:  Sherwin Williams

If yellow is a little too plain for your liking, warm it up a notch with coral or orange. Coral pairs well with warm neutral house colors like cream, yellow, or warm light gray. Orange is especially pleasing with dark gray, navy or black exteriors.


Image:  Home Stratosphere

Taking one more step around the color wheel, red is another classic door color. When choosing your shade, pay attention to the undertones—there’s a big difference between heritage red and sun dried tomato, to name just two. For a fun read about the history of red front doors, check out this article from Apartment Therapy.


Image: PPG Paints

If the body of your house is not white, white or cream are safe colors—but safe doesn’t always mean boring. According to PPG Paints, “pairing [neutral colors] purposefully with the surrounding palette can create elegant, modern beauty.” The “purposeful” part of the pairing is important. Get it wrong and your door may disappear into the walls, which could pose a problem for guests and delivery folks alike.

The next time you stand in the yard staring at your front door to picture it in different colors—and you know you will—take a minute to look at the rest of your house. Does your trim or siding need a fresh coat of paint? When you’re ready to paint anything from doors to trim to a whole-house paint job, request a consultation and we’ll turn that picture in your head into reality.

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