Middle Tennessee is blessed with abundant options for day (or overnight) trips. Take the Lynchburg/Tullahoma area: about 1½ hours south of Nashville, this area may be best-known for a certain distillery, but there’s more to see and do than drink whiskey (although that is also an option for those who are so inclined). Learn more about that and other destinations below.


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Join the 250,000-plus visitors who tour the oldest registered distillery in the United States—though not all at the same time, thank goodness. Every ounce of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey is produced here, fed by the pure, iron-free cave water springs nearby. You have four different tours to choose from (daily 9:00-4:30). Pick yours here.


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Don’t miss downtown Lynchburg, part of a unique historic district. If it’s Jack Daniels memorabilia you’re after, be sure to visit Lynchburg Hardware & General Store, the official purveyor of Jack Daniel’s gifts—but be sure to take in the other shops for additional options and so much more. If you’re hungry, you’re in the right place for burgers, ice cream, fudge and other tasty treats. Then go to jail…directly to jail…do not pass go…but do take the guided tour at the Moore County Jail Museum. We hear it’s a hoot!


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A fun day out for the whole family, the Museum welcomes “all pilots, visitors, furry friends and families” to their world class campus where you can see 38 aircraft, artifacts, original art, memorabilia and more. Stroll through the “Hangar of Treasures” to view a 1929 “travel air mystery ship.” Visit the log cabin for an exhibit about early “aviatrix” Mrs. Louise Thaden—including her pilot’s certificate signed by Orville Wright of the Wright brothers. Kids of all ages can take flight in the hands-on cockpit simulator. You can drive or fly in to visit the museum, and if you want to spend the night, they have a campground. Learn more.


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Billed as one of “the very best spring wildflower locations in the state,” Short Springs is 240 acres of natural beauty just three and a half miles northeast of Tullahoma. Check out what’s blooming along any of the three trails; dogs on leashes are welcome. The area also boasts three waterfalls: Machine Falls drops more than 60 feet and is nearly that wide. The Upper and Lower Busby Falls on Bobo Creek can be seen from overlooks on the Bobo Creek trail.

Whether you decide to visit one, all or none of the above, do get out and enjoy the beautiful state of Tennessee this spring. It’s all there waiting for you!

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