Does the Barbie movie have you dreaming in pink? Do you want to embrace “Barbiecore” in your home décor but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Before you go adding a giant handle to your roof, like they did in HGTV’s Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge, maybe start by checking out these slightly more subtle ways to add Barbie’s iconic style to your dream house.



If there’s one color that screams “Barbie!” it’s pink. Pantone® 219 C pink, to be precise. It’s bold, bright and beautiful, but you might want to start with an accent wall rather than full immersion. If ever there was a color meant to pop, this is it. What colors pair well with Barbie pink? While it’s tempting to say “Ken blue” check out these palettes from


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Barbie has been a fashion leader for decades, so a little retro glam is perfectly in order. Consider adding kitschy pieces like this flamingo punch bowl/ladle set and palm leaf glasses from Mark & Graham for your next Barbie pool party. Or maybe a fluffy hot pink rug from Amazon. . . or both. Because with Barbie, more is more.


Image:  Wal-Mart

A curtain of pink lights is an easy way to make a statement, and you can put them indoors or out. You can also go with a lovely crystal bubble lamp or even a neon Barbie sign. Looking for an option that’s even easier (and less expensive)? Replace the bulb in an existing lamp with a pink one to cast a rosy glow.


Image:  Magnet

Even Barbie enjoys a variety of shades, so if all that bright color is a little too bold for you, add a subtle hint of Barbiecore with a more pastel shade of pink. It can be surprisingly sophisticated and looks good everywhere—even the kitchen.

OR . . .  GO FOR IT

Image:  Hannah Dahl

You know what? It’s your home. If you’re a hard-core Barbie fan, don’t be afraid to fly your flag. Whether you turn your entire home into a life-sized doll house like Hannah Dahl (bedroom pictured above) or just Barbie-fy one room, have fun with it. For the story of Hannah’s dream house—and more photos!—see this article from Architectural Digest.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope it helps your home truly be your very own dream house. If you plan on painting, remember that deep pink is going to take some prep work and a lot of paint. Request a consultation and let us help!

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