Who among us hasn’t dreamt of having a “spa bathroom?” The idea of a luxurious getaway in your own home is hard to resist—and why should you? You deserve a little pampering. While the concept isn’t new, the look of today’s bathrooms changes with the times. Here’s what we’re seeing in 2024 bathroom designs.  


Image:  Tomas Espinoza on HGTV

This year, all those buttoned-up gray/white/black combos so beloved by house flippers are taking a backseat to color. There’s no one hue at the top of the heap—we’ve seen everything from calm coastal shades to vibrant vintage vibes to deep moody hues. And by color, we don’t just mean paint on the walls; check out those beautiful glazed tiles in the image above, from the guest bathroom in HGTV’s Smart Home 2024.


Image: Little Greene on RealHomes.com

Wild wallpapers, mosaic tiles, deeply veined marble and patterned floors are all showing up in designer bathrooms—even on some ceilings. And why not? The most personal of spaces, a bathroom is a place you can let your inner decorator go a little wild. Or maybe a lot wild. Your call.


Image: KBB Focus

Sinks and tubs have come in circular and oval shapes for generations, but rounded edges on counters, arched entrances, and mirrors with arched tops or rounded corners, etc. are popping up in bathrooms everywhere. Curves are naturally more relaxing than sharp, pointy edges so why not make your surroundings as soothing as possible?


Image:  Decorilla

Last month we talked about bringing the outdoors into your home office and the back-to-nature trend doesn’t stop there. Organic materials, wood tones, natural stone and plants are a big part of current bathroom designs. It does make sense to surround yourself with nature when going au naturel, right?


Image:  Studio 1 Plaster

Say your dream bath is in… Tuscany, or somewhere equally romantic. Plaster walls will give you that dreamy old-world vibe. On the other hand, if you’re a modern minimalist, smooth plaster walls may be just what you need. Venetian plaster and limewash are both beautiful and potential DIY projects. Pro tip:  Talk to us before you decide to tackle it yourself.

You can’t avoid your bathroom; sooner or later, you’re going to have to spend time in there. So why not make it as nice as it can possibly be? Let us know if we can help turn your tired bathroom into the spa of your dreams.

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