How To Choose The Right Commercial Painter

We all know that paint jobs can have varying levels of difficulty, big and small. For small home paint jobs, you can easily pick up a can of paint and a few brushes from your local home improvement store and get to work. But when it comes to larger projects like a...

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How To Find The Right Paintbrush For The Job

Maybe you’ve got a long weekend ahead, or a few extra hours to tackle your next paint project. You head to your local home improvement store to grab some tools and end up in the paintbrush aisle to find the right paintbrush. Once there, you encounter an almost endless...

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4 Home Design Myths Debunked!

Over the years, you've probably heard of various rules that should always be followed when it comes to home design. After working in the painting industry for more than two decades, we've certainly seen many paint jobs and home design decisions that weren't...

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