Do you want to add a touch of elegance to your room? Crown molding is your answer – and it’s one of the services we offer to our clients in Nashville. Allowing your ceiling to present itself with distinct angles and curves, crown moulding provides a sophisticated, polished look. Read on to find out how ProTek Painting Services can offer the best crown moulding solution for your space.

What is crown moulding and the materials you can use  

Each crown consists of an extended S profile that is positioned on top of a cove. By adding a trim underneath, to the cove, a cornice is created. The overall effect results in a crown being created. We have a range of moldings for our clients to choose from – from flexible polyurethane, wood and foam. The most popular materials for creating a crown moulding is plaster or wood. Extremely decorative details can be created using plaster, while wood is considered a more flexible material. 

Unless you are a seasoned, skilled and detail orientated home owner, you may be able to handle setting up a one-piece crown project. However, if your room presents itself with the likes of curved walls or consists of heavy plaster or wood, hire ProTek Painting Services to ensure that a good job is done.  

how to use crown moulding

What crown moulding to choose

Not sure what size crown moulding to go for? Take into consideration the size of the room. Moulding crown has traditionally been incorporated into impressive spaces such as public offices, high ceiling dining rooms and entrances. A smaller, less extravagant crown moulding has always been used for smaller, private spaces, such as a bedroom or general living spaces. 

Another factor to keep in mind is the architecture of your home. Crown molding is considered to be more well suited for homes with traditional architecture. Crown moulding may look unusual in architecturally modern or contemporary homes. However, with that being said, if you’re still interested in having crown moulding in your contemporary or modern home, consider a crown molding style that is simple without a detailed pattern.  

Sizing your crown moulding

Not sure how to determine the right size of your crown molding? Consider the size of your look to your baseboards and door and window casing to determine the right scale. An appropriately sized cornice is either the same height as, or slightly smaller than, the baseboard.

how to use crown moulding


Crown molding allows for a great design improvement into your home. If you take your home’s theme and history into account, you’ll be able to find the best suited crown moulding and also, increase your home’s value.

Reach out to us today and we will be sure to help you will all of your crown moulding needs. ProTek Painting Services will make your crown moulding truly come to life by assisting you with choosing the right materials, sizing and also ensuring proper installation. 

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