The term “house settling” refers to when a newly built house starts to gradually sink into the ground as the soil beneath the foundations shift due to the newly added weight. Cracks may start to appear as a result of various causes in the process of house settling. Before attempting to repair any cracks that have appeared and re-painting, there are a few factors to consider. 

Green lumber

In the first year of being built, your cracks may be a result of “green lumber”, new lumber that is still retaining moisture and needs time to dry out. As it dries out, it tends to shift slightly. After some time, once dried out, we can re-tape the cracked joints and prevent further cracks to appear. 

Cracks caused by house settling

Doors and windows

You can also attribute hairline cracks appearing over doors and windows to weakness around those areas. Before attending to the crack and repainting it, be sure to cut the studs and re-install the door or window. While your builder adds extra framing, the areas around the door or window are even more susceptible to weakness, so be sure to pay further attention to this. Please be aware that these cracks do not necessarily mean that you have a structural problem. Once your builder has ensured that everything is in place and has added extra framing, we’ll be able to re-tape and paint in your desired fashion.   

Cracks caused by house settling


We are well aware that smaller cracks are easily repairable and larger cracks may need further assessment. An inexpensive solution that ProTek Painting Services can offer you to fix house settling cracks is by re-taping the joints – the seams where the drywall panels join and thereafter applying a fresh layer of paint. 

Over the years we have attended to many cases of providing our clients in Nashville with the best service in repainting cracks – no matter the size. Do not hesitate to give us, ProTek Painting Services, a call. 

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