People often ask if there are paint colors to never paint with inside a home. The answer is yes! While all paint colors may appear to look great, they aren’t all created with the best intentions in mind. 

Just because a can of paint is sitting on a shelf at a paint store, that doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for you or your home decor. There are definitely paint colors to NEVER paint in a home and here are a few to keep in mind! 

What Paint Color To NEVER Paint With In Your Home

Considering giving your home a facelift with paint? Avoid these paint colors at all costs!

What Paint To Never Paint With In Your Home

1. Black

Black is never a good idea because it instantly closes up a room. Whatever the size of your space is, it will instantly feel half that size or more. Even if you love the color black, never paint an entire room this color. An accent area? Sure. The entire room? No. 


2. Any paint with glitter added

While glitter looks pretty, you need to be thinking long term for the days when you’ll want to paint over it. There are a ton of paint options on the market now that offer glitter added. Not only does this mean the paint will be textured because of the glitter, but it also means you’ll have to find a way to remove all that glitter and texture the next time you decide to paint. No matter how hard your kids are begging you to buy that glitter paint, just say no. You’ll save yourself hours of headaches and work in the future.


3. White

I know, I know…there are so many homes that have white walls. But those walls are boring and need to be spruced up. Using paint colors in your home is a fun and simple way to add character and expression without breaking the bank! 

If the time has come to paint inside your home, avoid these three paint colors! Instead, find paint options that mesh well with your decor and the flow of your house. Save yourself time and money by getting the paint colors right in the first place.

If there is EVER any doubt, your local paint specialists here at ProTek Painting Services are more than happy to help!

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