Kids’ interests are constantly changing. But most families don’t have a lot of extra funds to ensure their child’s room reflects every new season and interest in their life. So if you’re a parent who wants to take their child’s bedroom from drab to great, a little paint will be your new best friend.

Whether you decide to tackle it as a weekend project or hire professionals like our ProTek Painting Services team, here are some great paint ideas for your kid’s bedroom.

1. Choose a fun theme

What better way to keep things interesting than by choosing a theme for your child’s room? The dark green paint featured here is accented well with neutral decor and a whole lot of plants and greenery to create a subtle jungle theme. Something like this can work great for a boy or girl’s room, depending on their interests!

5 Great Kid’s Bedroom Paint Ideas

2. Paint The Ceiling

Want to try something really different in your child’s bedroom? Why not look up? Leave the walls a neutral shade, and paint the ceiling instead! There’s a whole slew of additional paint ideas for your kid’s bedroom when you focus on the ceiling and not just the walls. From stripes to polka dots and solid colors, the options really are endless depending on their favorite colors and styles.

5 Great Kid’s Bedroom Paint Ideas

3. Half Wall Paint Inspiration

Not ready to make a full-color commitment? Try painting a half accent wall in your child’s room! This adds a fun pop of color without the paint itself being too overwhelming and time-consuming. Plus, it’s much easier to change to a new color when they’re ready.

4. Let their artistic side shine

Regardless of their age, there’s nothing most kids love more than a chalkboard! So why not turn their room into a place where they can let their artistic side shine? Chalkboard paint comes in multiple colors and applications on one wall can be quick and easy. It’s a guaranteed way to make your kids think you’re cool. (For today anyway.)

5. Don’t be afraid to get graphic

Want to do something really fun and unique in your child’s room? If you have a little bit of a creative side, why not go graphic? Use bright paints and a few simple designs to create a mountainscape on a wall of your child’s room. But don’t forget – when you’re working on a project like this, the quality of the paint definitely matters. Don’t skimp out and use the cheap stuff if you want a finished product you can all be proud to show off.

5 Great Kid’s Bedroom Paint Ideas
Source: Poppy Talk

Are you feeling inspired yet? Which of these 5 ideas would your kids love to try out in their rooms?

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