It’s almost the start of a new year! For many, this is a time for resolutions, revamping their space or trying something new at home or work. One great way to bring new life to your work in the new year is by using office design inspiration to update your workspace!

Whether you have a home or traditional office space, we’ve rounded up some great design examples from around the web that can help. Leave drab wall colors and boring office chairs behind in favor of fresh and timely design trends that just might recharge your work.

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Don’t be afraid of dark colors

Black and navy may feel intimidating, but they can actually bring quite a bit of professionalism to your office space. When opting for darker paint colors, be sure to choose furniture that leans toward the lighter side of things.

Image Source: Boston Magazine

Get a little whimsical

Whether it’s chalkboard paint, a corkboard wall or a bright and vibrant accent color, there’s nothing wrong with adding some playfulness to your workspace. Take some inspiration from these examples!

Image Source: House Beautiful

Lean into accent walls

If you’re a little too intimidated to make a big change or your office won’t allow it, why not try one accent wall? You’ll be surprised how much one pop of color can change the look and feel of your entire space.

Image Source: Moody Times
Image source: Apartment Therapy

You can’t go wrong with classic white

If all else fails, you can never go wrong with classic white and bright paint. A fresh coat of white can be inspiring and get you going for the new work year in all the best ways. Which of these examples is your favorite?

Image Source: Hongkiat
Image Source: My Decor Ideas

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