Here at ProTek, we don’t necessarily like to give away our painting secrets. But, we do love seeing happy clients with beautifully finished paint jobs in their residential and commercial spaces. And for smaller jobs, we understand that sometimes DIY is the best way to go!

That’s why today we’re letting you in on a few professional trade secrets that most painting companies won’t tell you. So the next time you have a beckoning painting project that you want to get started on, grab your paint, your brushes, and this article. We’re letting you in on four big secrets that every truly professional painting company knows that will help you achieve professional results every time.

Four Professional Painting Secrets You Need To Know

SECRET #1: Put adequate time into your prep.

Paint preparation often takes more time than the painting itself, but it’s always worth the work. Before you start, be sure to take ALL furniture out of the room. Use drop cloths to cover all surfaces. Wash, patch and sand your walls, trim or doors as needed. Use painting tape to protect windows and baseboards, and use plastic bags to cover doorknobs. Always remove any light switches and fixtures as well before you start. Paint can actually accentuate imperfections, so it’s best to take care of them upfront. The more work you do on the front end, the better your finished paint job will be.

SECRET #2: Make caulk your new best friend.

Here’s a tip that most DIY painters tend to miss. When you want professional results from your project, using caulk will make a big difference in your result. Filling gaps around your trim, doors, windows, and crown molding with caulk will give your paint finish a professional look and also make your trim look better than new. Always start with a thin application inside the cracks where wood meets your walls, and be sure to remove any extra caulk to keep things looking clean. You may want to consider purchasing a dripless caulk gun to achieve the most professional-looking results.

SECRET #3: It’s all in the tools you use.

Do you want to know the biggest insider secret to professional painting results in your home? It’s all about the tools you use! A great paintbrush is essential for a professional-looking finish, so be sure not to skimp on price here. Try to stick with poly brushes for exterior painting and soft nylon for the interior. Paintbrushes are available in 1 to 4-inch widths, and it’s always a good idea to keep a few different sizes on hand, depending on the areas you want to paint.

In the same vein, be sure to stay away from cheap roller covers. When your roller doesn’t hold enough paint, you end up with layers of paint with varying thickness and lap marks along your walls. When you’re shopping for a roller, try a ½ inch nap roller cover (preferably wool blend). If you take care of it and clean it properly, it will last you for many paint jobs to come. And while we’re at it, use top quality paint! The better quality your paint is, the fewer coats you’ll have to use, and the faster you will be done with professional results. Good paint doesn’t come cheap, however. Expect to spend at least $20 -$30 per gallon for a top of the line product.

Secret 4: Paint in the right order.

Did you know most professional work in a certain order when painting a room? Of all the painting secrets, this one alone will save you a ton of time and clean up on your paint job. Whenever you can, always paint the trim first, then the ceilings and walls. It’s easier to protect and tape off trim and baseboards instead of the walls. When you work this way, you don’t have to be super neat while painting your trim. After it is totally dry, simply protect it with an easy release painters tape. From there, you can paint the ceiling if needed, before moving on to your walls.

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