How To Paint Your Interior Doors (Plus Some Can’t-Miss Inspiration!)

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Do you need a quick refresh in your home or office? Maybe you’re preparing to sell your house or just want to bring a new look and feel to your space. While painting the walls of your rooms is important, there is one area of your home that you shouldn’t overlook. The doors!

One of the best ways to upgrade your space and make it feel more expensive is by focusing attention on your interior doors. Today we’ll share how you can give your interior doors a fresh face in just a weekend! Need a little inspiration to get you started? We’ve got that for you too.

1. Assess the condition of your current doors.

Before you start giving your doors a refresh, you’ll want to make sure they’re still in good condition. Do your doors still work well? Is there any damage that needs to be repaired before you paint? If your doors are damaged or no longer working correctly, you may need to start with new ones.

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2. Do the prep work.

Too often, home DIY-ers tend to dive right in instead of doing the proper prep work. If you want long-lasting, professional results, don’t skip the preparation upfront. Whether you’re painting over oil or latex-based paint, start by stripping any existing paint on your door. Next, remove any hardware like door handles and door knockers. Sand down the door and cover hinges with painter’s tape. Finally, make sure you have a clean, dry surface. This will ensure the paint adheres to your door and that you’ll have a smooth, professional finish.

Image source: Young House Love

3. Choose your color.

If you haven’t already picked a paint color, choose one that goes well with the rest of your room or hallway decor. Ready to start painting? If your door has panels, paint inside of your top panels first. Then, work with the grain of your door, and coat any panels and recessed areas before moving outward to its edges until your door is fully coated. If you’re painting both sides, be sure to wait until the first side is completely dry before moving on.

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4. Protect your paint job.

You’ve done the prep work and you’ve applied a paint you love. But you’re not done yet! If you’re applying multiple coats, be sure to let your first coat dry before adding more.

Finished the job? Doors see more wear and tear than almost any other surfaces in our homes, so you’ll want to protect your work. Leave the door open so that it can fully dry. And if you left any of the door’s edges unpainted, use a clear wood sealer to ensure the door doesn’t warp over time.

Image source: Remodelaholic

5. Add your hardware.

Last but not least, your hardware will make a big impact on the final look for your door! We recommend choosing a new, modern door handle that complements your paint shade and the rest of your home.

how to paint your interior doors
Image source: Decorated Life

Looking for help with your next home design project? Decided to paint your interior doors? Our ProTek Painting Services Team is safely serving Middle Tennessee right now, and we’d love to help! Reach out for your consultation and estimate today.

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