Are you looking to repaint your house either for your own benefit or because you are looking to sell it? Well, according to color psychology, although reactions to colors can be subjective, generally, people have specific responses to certain colors. In this article, we will take a look at the different types of colors, warm colors, cool colors, and neutral colors and we will look at examples of each type of color and see how they might affect our mood.

Warm Colors

Opting for warm colors in your home can produce feelings of warmth or aggressiveness, depending on which color you choose.

Red: Invokes feelings of passion, love anger, or power and can even increase energy.
Try in a dining room, living room, or entryway.

Image: Massucco Warner

Orange: Invokes feelings of excitement and enthusiasm can promote activity and movement.
Try in a playroom or home gym.

Image: Project Nursery

Yellow: Want to channel feelings of happiness and joy? Or want to create an ideal environment for productivity and focus?
Go yellow. → Try in a living room, bathroom, dining room, or kitchen.

Image: Old and Brand New

Pink: Invokes feelings of love and kindness. Need some inspiration? Pink and blush hues can also boost creativity!
Try in an office, bedroom, or nursery.

Image: Valspar

Cool Colors

Painting with cool colors in your home can produce feelings of calm and ease. It’s also worth noting that some cool shades can induce more somber or melancholy feelings so you’ll want to consider that when honing in on a final swatch.

Green: Invokes feelings of peace, calm, and serenity and has been said to increase fertility.
Try in a bedroom, living room, den, or kitchen.

Image: Behr

Blue: Like green, blue can create both a soothing and calming atmosphere.
Bonus: It can also lower blood pressure and slow down heart rates. Sold! → Try in a bedroom or bathroom.

Image: Better Homes & Gardens

Dark Purple: Invokes feelings of sophistication and luxury.
Try in a reading nook, office, or great room.

Image: HGTV

Light Purple: Invokes feelings of relaxation. Try in a bedroom or living room.

Neutral Colors

Colors within this family can go with just about any other color. The right neutral shade and application can breathe new life into any space. Great for any room or as an accent.

Brown: Invokes feelings of warmth and can imply elegance of sophistication.
Is a traditional decor color. Try in any room in your home.

Image: Behr

Gray: Invokes feelings of comfort and warmth. It’s a versatile color that is both timeless and classic.
Try as trim, an accent wall, or as the main color in any room.

Image: Home Stratosphere

White: Invokes feelings of calm and serenity while also creating an allusion of having more space.
→ Try in any room, especially one you might want to feel more open and spacious.

Image: The Spruce

Now that you have an idea of how certain colors might affect your mood, it’s time to decide how you want to feel in the room that you want to paint. Are you looking to paint your living room? Maybe consider painting it red to pump up the energy, or green for a more relaxing living room, or blue for a calming living room, but remember, there are colors to avoid in your living room as well, such as orange which is too energetic to promote relaxation. Once you do find a color you like, limit your colors in a room to a select few; too many colors can make a room feel chaotic or cluttered.

Remember, it’s also important to choose happy positive, and encouraging colors in your home so that it helps you bring those qualities into your life as well. 

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