Whether you’re looking to put your home on the market or simply looking for a way to give your home a refresh this spring, this one project could be just the ticket for enhancing your home’s curb appeal…a new coat of paint on your front door!

Keep scrolling for some front door inspiration that will be eye-catching (and get the neighbors talking) in the best way.

1. Go with Contrast

Make a statement with some black-and-white contrast. A black or dark gray paint color could be the ticket to giving your home a minimal but bold entryway.

Image: Victoria Pearson

2. Make It Monochromatic

Sometimes being a little matchy-matchy is a good thing. If you love a clean look, a monochrome palette is the way to go.

Image: Behr

3. A Warm Pop of Color

If you want to add some warmth to a lighter exterior, a warm red could be the right “welcome-in” for your family and guests.

Image: Benjamin Moore

4. A Calming Cool Tone

Like a warm pop of color, a cool blue or green can provide an immediate calm-cool-and-collected vibe to anyone entering your home.

Image: Jasmine Roth

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