Typically there’s never a shortage of outdoor spring activities in the Nashville area, however, due to the pandemic, many seasonal events have either been canceled or modified to meet state and county Covid-19 guidelines. But don’t worry—Spring is still coming and there are still some great ways to embrace the season.

Here are our top 3 things to do in Nashville this spring:

1. Visit Cheekwood

This is the place to be this Spring. The annual Cheekwood in Bloom exhibit will run March 6th-April 11th and will showcase their impressive and colorful garden experience. Pro Tip: Tickets usually sell out fast so plan ahead and reserve your tickets ahead of time. Learn more here.

Image: Cheekwood

2. Take a Stroll at Radnor Lake

Take a leisurely walk around the lake or explore the other trails within Radnor Lake State Park, just over 10 miles south of downtown Nashville. Learn more about park hours and parking here.

Image: Travel & Leisure

3. Explore The Frist

It wouldn’t be spring in Tennessee without a few rain showers so why not make a plan for the inevitable rainy day. The Frist Art Museum in downtown Nashville is the perfect way to spend time indoors. Due to Covid-19, the museum is requiring reserved tickets. More details about exhibits and reservations here.

That’s it folks! Three great ways to enjoy time with your family or friends in Middle Tennessee this spring. Would you add anything to this list?

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