Are you wanting to changes things up in your home this spring? When shopping for a paint color, take the pressure off! Here are some of our favorite spring hues that will help you embrace the season (and that you’ll love all year!).

1. Mustard Yellow

This color may not be for everyone but it truly is a great option for bringing in a new season! Think sun after a long winter! Additionally, this color will bring warmth and light into your home all year.

Image: The Nordroom


2. Muted Green

The color green is essentially a symbol for the spring season because it hints at all the growth we see around us after winter frosts and leaf-less tress. What better way to ring in the arrival of spring than with an earthy and optimistic paint color!

Image: Construction2Style


3. Dusty Pink

We know pastels are an obvious choice for anything spring-related. But we love this shade of pink because it’s a relative of a classic pastel, but it has more depth and dimension. Plus, it can serve as a neutral shade for that favorite space in your home.

Image: Architectural Digest


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