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Summer in Tennessee calls for lots of outdoor time with friends, family, or even a good book. If you have a front porch, a backyard patio, or a full wrap-around deck, there are some important things to do to prepare your deck for another season of foot traffic and summer heat.

1. Do a clean sweep

Depending on how much you used your patio during the winter and spring, your patio likely needs a good cleaning. Pull out your leaf blower (or borrow one from your neighbor) to do a quick clean-up of dirt, leaves, and debris. Even that one simple step will make all the difference!

2. Freshen Things Up with paint or Stain

Never underestimate the power of a fresh layer of stain or paint to give your deck or patio new life. This is a great weekend DIY project (we recommend doing it several weeks before your first porch gathering). And, in case you missed it, we have a more comprehensive guide to staining your deck right here.

4. Renew or Update Your Patio Furniture

If you just picked out new patio furniture, feel free to skip this step! However, if you have some furniture in your garage or have had it covered during the winter season, you’ll want to give it all a quick cleaning. Again, this is where a leaf blower can come in handy to quickly remove that top layer of dirt.

3. Add Some flair

Because it’s a space you’ll likely use a lot during the summer months, make it a space you love. Think cozy cushions in your favorite color, a bench swing, your favorite outdoor plants, or a slew of potted flowers, etc.

Need help with one of the summer projects on your home? We do everything from pressure washing, to staining, outdoor and indoor painting, and more.

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