What are you doing New Year’s Eve? While there’s no one right way to ring in the New Year, isn’t it exciting that this year we have options?! We rounded up some links and tips to help make this NYE celebration one to remember for all the right reasons.


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Thankfully, this year we can go out to celebrate. Here’s a fun option: New Year’s Eve Live: Nashville’s Big Bash offers hours of live music, fireworks, and the signature midnight Music Note Drop. And it’s FREE! (You can also watch it live on CBS.) For more places to party, check out this list from Nashville Guru.

Proof of vaccination or negative COVID test may be required for some events. Stay safe out there and, if you drink, please do it responsibly.


If you’d rather avoid the crowds, there are plenty of fun options for seeing in the new year at home. How you celebrate may depend on who will be joining your end-of-year festivities. Keep reading for ideas for a…


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Whether you gather together in person or via Zoom, family celebrations are a fun way to make memories. If your clan has early bedtimes, no worries! Thanks to that whole International Date Line thing, 2022 comes earlier in some places than others, so there’s nothing to stop you celebrating at the stroke of noon—it is 12:00, after all—or whatever hour suits your schedule. Whenever you decide to celebrate, there are plenty of ways to make it fun. Here are 20 of our favorites from Parents.com


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How about a bash with your besties? Y’all might enjoy a movie marathon—though if your goal is to watch all the Avengers movies you’d better start streaming now. Or you can have an epic game night with a different game every hour, or one giant tournament complete with brackets and a trophy. Maybe you’d like to set up an in-home spa experience? Mud masks and mani-pedis go great with champagne.


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You don’t have to go out to enjoy a special meal together. Nashville Eater usually has great suggestions on where to find the perfect NYE feast for take-out/delivery. If candles & fine china are your thing, haul them out. If you’re happier eating your favorite food straight from the take-out bag, that’s fine too. It’s your party, you can nosh how you want to. While you’re celebrating, focus on each other. This is a great time to talk about your goals or plan a getaway for later in the year.


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Not everyone is a party animal. Maybe your idea of the perfect NYE is to stay home in your jammies and binge your latest Netflix obsession. You do you! If you want to up your snack game for the big night in, may we suggest adding a little boozy treat to the mix? These champagne cupcakes sound delish.  

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