There’s more to picking paint than falling in love with a tiny square of color on a strip at the paint store. Before you invite a paint color to move in with you, it’s worth taking a few extra steps to make sure you and your color of choice enjoy a long and happy relationship.


Image: Ivabalk from Pixabay

Start with something you already love:  bedding, furniture, artwork, your favorite sweater…the possibilities are endless. You can pull colors from a pattern, match it (that sweater may be the perfect color for your bathroom), or find a shade that makes your inspiration piece pop. That will help narrow the field so you’re less likely to get distracted by the multitude of color choices. But first…


Image:  Sherwin Williams

Say you’ve got a color in mind…but do you want a warm or cool undertone? What does that look like? The next time you’re out looking at Christmas lights, pay attention to the white ones: notice how some have a creamy look to them, while others are almost-but-not-quite blue. The creamy ones are warm white while the others are cool. Warm colors tend to feel cozier while cool colors are often more soothing. But wait:  there’s more to consider…


Image: Amel Majanovic on Unsplash

Light itself comes in different colors. South-facing rooms often have a warmer light, so you might opt for a cooler shade there to offset the heat. On the other hand, north-facing rooms get cooler light, so that same cool shade might be too chilly on that side of the house. East- and west-facing windows may get warm or cool light, so you’ll want to test your samples at different times during the day. Speaking of testing…


Image: Samplize

Whether you’re painting one room or the whole house, getting the color wrong can be annoying and expensive. Fortunately, these days it’s easier than ever to test drive a color on your walls. Most paint companies offer tester pots, so you can paint a piece of foam board and move it around the room to see how it looks in different lights and spaces. Or you can order removable sticky squares—think paint chips on steroids—from most paint manufacturers or companies like Samplize. Finally…



Once you’re happy with your color choice, there’s one more thing to consider:  sheen. Sheen refers to the finish of the paint and how shiny it is (or isn’t). Choosing the right one can make big difference to the final look and feel of your room. Here at ProTek we’re happy to offer recommendations on the perfect sheen for your space; you can also find articles like this one to walk you through your options.

So, you’ve chosen the perfect color, selected the right sheen and now it’s time to paint. Or maybe it’s time to request a consultation and let us do the painting for you. Either way, you have beautiful walls in your future!

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