Have you gone outside and studied the front of your house lately? Is it still your dream home or does it look a little…tired? You could go whole hog and paint/remodel the whole thing, but maybe you don’t need to. Sometimes small changes make a big impact, like updating the color of your home’s shutters.

If your home doesn’t have shutters, step one may be to add them—or you can consider these colors for your door and/or trim instead. Before you make any decisions, check out these options and see which one might be perfect for your home.


Image:  Brick & Batten

The most popular shutter color, black is a classic, especially for brick homes. It’s also, according to Brick & Batten, “the perfect companion for lighter grays and whites.” (FYI, their pick was Black Beauty by Benjamin Moore.) They also advise “painting the front door and garage doors the same color as the shutters” and adding matching black accents like the planters and light fixtures shown here to bring a “cohesive vibe” to your home.


Image:  Shutterland

Another popular choice, especially for houses where the body of the house is a contrasting color. (White shutters on a white house would be hard to see, which defeats the purpose of adding a design feature.) For homes with brick or non-white colors, white shutters are a clean, timeless look. Bonus:  they can make windows look and feel larger.


Image:  Chrissy Marie Blog

On the other hand, if your home is white and black seems a little too harsh, how about a crisp navy blue? It’s also a classic, particularly when paired with a red front door for a little patriotic flair. For more beautiful blue and white combos, check out this post.


Image:  Photo by Binyamin Mellish

“Another hot trend,” according to Georgia Front Porch, “is staying within the same color family for accent hues.” A more subtle look than some of the others, this kind of understated pairing may be just what your home needs.


Image:  Shutterland

It’s your house: you can paint your shutters any color you think complements the look of your home. The shutter police will not come calling. The HOA, maybe, but you’ll have that conversation before you whip out the paintbrush…right?


Image:  Lowes

Maybe the best color for your shutters isn’t a paint color at all, but one found in nature. Wood tones like the cedar shutters shown here add warmth and pair well with styles from farmhouse to mid-century to modern.


Image:  Behr

Here’s a thought:  Maybe your house doesn’t need a different color of shutters…maybe it doesn’t need shutters at all. Consider removing them and painting the trim a contrasting color for a fresh, clean look.

Whatever color you choose, we’d be happy to help turn that paint chip into reality. Request a consultation today.

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