Is the color of your bedroom keeping you awake? Don’t laugh…that’s an actual possibility. There are studies about this kind of thing. For example, in a study of 2,000 sleepers, those who slept in purple rooms got the least amount of sleep—fewer than six hours a night. What colors are best for sleeping? Here are five that come recommended by several experts:


Image:  Behr

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends making your bedroom quiet and relaxing. Blue is widely considered a calming color that reduces stress and inspires relaxation, which is very helpful when trying to wind down and go to sleep. Pictured: Half Sea Fog by Behr.


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Why white? It’s rumored to inspire happiness and relaxation:  think fluffy white clouds…or those fluffy white sheep you’re counting trying to fall asleep. Plus. it’s a perfect complement to any color if you decide you want an accent wall. There are countless shades of white to choose from. Pictured:  Cornforth White by Farrow & Ball.


Image:  Sherwin Williams

Note:  All greens are not created equal. Yellow greens tend to be more stimulating and attention-grabbing, which is why they’re used on some emergency vehicles. On the other hand, cooler greens with blue or gray undertones tend to be relaxing. The one above, according to Sherwin Williams, offers “… a cool, lazy Sunday vibe with a touch of sophistication.” Nothing says lazy Sunday like a nap, right? Pictured: Acacia Haze by Sherwin Williams.


Image:  Behr

Beige doesn’t have to be boring. Think of it as a distraction-free backdrop for your furniture and accessories. Neutral walls make it easy to update your design whenever you want, just by changing out bedding, occasional pillows, or a throw. Pictured:  Mushroom Bisque by Behr.


@samanthatodhunterdesign on Farrow & Ball

Pink is not just for baby girls anymore. Like beige, pastels like this pink can be a soft, soothing backdrop. According to the Sleep Doctor, it may even lower your blood pressure. Would your bedroom look pretty in pink? Pictured:  Pink Ground by Farrow & Ball.

BOTTOM LINE: Don’t lose sleep over picking a color.  You’re the one who’s going to spend your nights there, so choose any color you find relaxing and calming, no matter what the experts say. Whatever color calls to you, flat paint is probably your best option; it’s softer and won’t reflect the light. Sleep well!

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