It’s patriotic holiday season:  Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day. You can always fly a flag and hang bunting, but if you want a more permanent patriotic décor you might consider adding one or more of these colors, inspired by icons of U.S. history.


Image:  Benjamin Moore

If you’re looking for a patriotic color scheme, the obvious choice is always red, white and blue, right? Particularly when they’re Patriot Red (“A rich, classic red gently muted with brown undertones”), Patriotic White (“Crisp blue undertones punctuate this bright shade of white”) and Patriot Blue (“A classic dark blue that brings a versatile anchor to the room”) from Benjamin Moore. They’re just as attractive separately as they are together.


Image:  Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Before the Revolution, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and many more founding fathers (and mothers) spent time in the colorful rooms of Williamsburg, VA. You can bring that color home with Benjamin Moore’s collection of “the authentic colors of Colonial Williamsburg” which they call “a diverse collection of historic colors rooted in the artifacts and homes of Colonial Williamsburg, seen through a contemporary lens.” 


Image:  DC Military Tours

Speaking of our nation’s first president, George Washington had definite ideas about interior decorating. He chose this vibrant shade of green for Mount Vernon’s dining room because, he said, it was “grateful to the eye.” No word remains on whether Martha’s eyes were equally grateful. If you want to spread a little green gratitude of your own, try Dunn-Edwards “Green Tourmaline.”


Image:  Budget Travel

George wasn’t the only president who liked a bit of color. Thomas Jefferson had his dining room painted a bright yellow…maybe it helped keep guests awake during long dinner parties? It’s certainly a cheerful hue! While Ralph Lauren’s Monticello Yellow paint is no longer available, you can get close with Honey Glow by Dunn-Edwards.


Image:  Dunn-Edwards

The only home Abraham Lincoln ever owned was this Greek Revival home in Springfield, IL, once described by a reporter as “a pale chocolate color.” Yum. If this color palette looks tasty to you, recreate it with Dunn-Edwards’ Mission Gold, Cowboy Trails (trim) and Billiard Table (shutters).

If you’re inspired to paint your home a historic color—or a modern one— request a consultation and make a little history of your own.

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