When was the last time you decorated your closet? For most of us, the answer is “never.” Just because closets spend most of their time behind closed doors doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be beautiful. You don’t always have to invest in a fancy “system” to upgrade your closet. Sometimes it’s as simple as a fresh coat of paint. Before you start, here are a few things to think about:


Image:  Chastity Cortijo 

You want to be able to see your clothes, linens, or whatever you store in your closet—if only to avoid a fashion faux pas when you realize one of your black shoes is actually navy. While you may want to upgrade your closet light to something brighter or more fabulous (a chandelier, perhaps?), if that’s not an option then lighter colors may be better than dark, dramatic ones. For more ideas about closet lighting see this post from NextLuxury.com  and notes on paint finishes below.


Image:  NicModern.com

If you’re bored with builder white but not sure what to replace it with, look at the color of the room or hall where your closet is located and use the same color or one that coordinates with it. If the room is dark, maybe go a little lighter in the closet. If the room has wallpaper or an accent wall, choose a hue that ties into the pattern. If that all seems a little too tame, pick any color you love that will make you smile every time you open the door. Or go a little wild and…


Image:  House of Hipsters

It’s not paint, but it is a great way to add personality to an otherwise boring space—and the perfect place to practice your wallpapering skills. Kyla from HouseofHipsters.com, whose coat closet is pictured above, calls it a “jewelry box surprise” whenever she opens the door. For a bigger closet you might choose to just one wall as an accent. For more about Kyla’s closet, plus tips on how to wallpaper your own, visit House of Hipsters.


Image:  Hilltown House

Who says your closet shelves and dividers have to be the same color as the walls? This is a great place to add a color that makes you happy and up your style game at the same time. For an elegant monochromatic color scheme with panache, try using a darker shade of the wall color.


Image:  Painting Drive

Once you’ve chosen a color, be sure to think about the paint’s finish or sheen. In other words, how shiny the finished product will be. Flat finishes are, well, flat. A satin finish resists scuff marks, so it’s probably a better choice—especially for often-used closets. Semi-gloss is more reflective than satin, so it will help lighten up dark closets, and high-gloss offers maximum brightness.

Whatever color and finish you choose, if you decide you’d rather not DIY, contact us and we’ll have your closets looking fabulous in no time.

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