Finally! It’s time to start enjoying the sights, sounds and scents of Spring. Is your porch ready for folks to stop and sit a spell? Whether you have a full-on Victorian wrap-around or a simple stoop, these tips will help make your porch inviting.


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It’s inevitable that outdoor spaces will collect dust, leaves, the occasional cobweb, etc. Start fresh by giving your porch a good clean. Don’t forget the ceiling and any ceiling fans. Hose down anything that can handle it, then wipe down any furniture or décor, clean the glass of any light fixtures, and blow the dust off any wreath or door décor. Once it’s all clean, check for any repairs that might be needed. And then make them, of course.


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Plants are always a good way to brighten up a porch or entry. Depending on the style of your porch and your personal taste, splash out on some colorful pots of seasonal blooms, fluffy green ferns or elegant succulents for a modern vibe. (Hint: if you have a black thumb, artificial succulents look lifelike and need even less water than the real thing.)

Before you head to the garden center, though, look at your actual porch structure. How’s that color scheme working for you? Does anything need a fresh coat of paint? What about an unexpected color on the roof, if your porch has one, or a painted rug on the floor. You might even add some drama with a painted runner on your steps, like the one pictured. You’ll find how-to’s with plenty of pictures on


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Literally! Or the welcome rug, if you prefer. If your old mat has seen better days, maybe it’s time to retire it to the back door or garage entrance and welcome guests with a fresh new look. Size matters—if your door has sidelights, designers say your doormat should go all the way across. If you can’t find a mat that size that suits your style, try the trendy layered look—a mat on top of a rug. Make sure you don’t inadvertently cause a tripping hazard, though. That’s not the way anyone wants to make an entrance into your home.


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You’re certainly welcome to set a row of rocking chairs side-by-side, Cracker Barrel-style, but consider the advantages of placing your seating in conversational groupings instead. A variety of cushions is a great, budget-friendly way to change up your look for the season or special occasions. Don’t forget to make a place to set your beverage of choice, or even a full-on dining spot if you have the space. Is a table, bookshelf, stool, or other piece of furniture languishing away in a dark corner of your home? Consider upcycling it with a coat of paint and using it as a plant stand or beverage station.


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This is where your personal style can really shine through. Welcome signs, door wreaths, flags, even the containers you choose for plants all offer hints to the personality of your home and the people who live there. If you’re stuck on where to start, think about the style of your entrance. Does it ooze Southern charm? Down-home pieces that don’t scream “NEW” will look just right. Is your home more formal? There are many elegant options, from topiaries to lanterns to statues. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that makes you happy—and if it’s seasonal, remember to swap it out when the season changes.

Once your porch is prepped and ready, take some time to admire your handiwork.  Pour yourself a drink, pull up a chair and relax. After all, that’s what Southern front porches are all about.

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