4 Paint Colors That Will Warm Up Your Home This Winter


Winter is here to stay for a while and it’s time to embrace cozy blankets, hot tea, and time by the fireplace. 

While those activities are essential and comforting on chilly Tennessee days, a fresh coat of paint can be another great way to introduce warmth to your favorite nook or living space. 

Here are four paint colors that are sure to comfort, despite the chill outside!

1. White

During the winter months, it’s common for energy to fade once the sun goes down (around 5 p.m.!). So if you’re wanting to muster up some motivation, or simply brighten things up, a creamy white will do the trick!

Image: Laurey W. Glenne

2. Green

During the winter months, we can miss the lush Tennessee foliage. Adding a green shade to your bedroom or accent wall can help you feel a sense of calm and optimism as you look forward to spring (and warmer weather!).

Image: Better Homes & Gardens

3. Yellow

Perhaps yellow doesn’t seem like an obvious choice, but according to color psychology, it’s both uplifting and inviting.
Try a mustard yellow—perfect for powering through any winter slump!

Curious about the meaning behind your favorite color or what hues you should be using for your kitchen? Read our post about it here.

Image: The Nordroom

4. Brown

It’s always okay to go neutral. Opt for a brown hue and you’ll invoke a sense of calm in the space where you want to relax and recharge. Paint brands like Behr have declared earthy browns to be a big trend for 2021 so you’ll be in good company.

Image: Architectural Digest

Never underestimate the power of a paint change-up to transform, comfort, and inspire! In 2021, it’s all about finding a stride that feels supportive and grounded. Not sure where to start on your next home project? You can schedule a FREE consultation with our team here. 

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